We can change tires on anything; cars, trucks, trailers, RVs and more. On the side of the freeway, or from the comfort of your home, even hard-to-reach car garages, we go anywhere and can handle all of your needs, including: flat tires, low pressure, punctures, repairs, lug nut extraction,
and lost lug nut keys.

No spare? Not a problem. We offer temporary tires, in the form of either a universal tire or a donut/spare tire, that will perfectly fit your hub, and will allow you to get your car off of the road and safely to your favorite tire shop.

We also offer tire delivery, a service which involves the technician taking your rim to a tire shop, matching a tire, and returning with the tire and rim to your vehicle for installation.
We sell good condition used tires that have passed a comprehensive inspection. We have specialized car jacks and professional technicians prepared to do the job right, right away!


• Tire change from $90
• Tire replacement and tire delivery trip from $185
• Tire repair on-site from $85
• Stripped lug nuts from $75 each
• Lug nut key removal from $125
• If specialized equipment is necessary (for instance, you are missing your specific lug nut key), an additional charge of $45 for every 30 minutes will be applied.
• Temporary tire from $200 (includes the convenience of ready availability)
• Tire delivery from $290 (includes travel, time, tire installation)
• Additional charges may apply for inclement weather (rain, snow, ice) and holidays. 
• Services provided during the hours between 6pm to 8am will include an afterhoursfee, starting at $25.
• High risk jobs may incur an additional fee. Examples include vehicles not properly pulled over, or vehicles on the side of the freeway.
• Based on the distance, mileage fees may apply for long-distance trips.
• 4% fee applies to all purchases made with a credit card.

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Important Information

• Once we receive your service request, we will provide an estimate.
• You need to be available with your vehicle when the service provider arrives, or else we will be unable render service.
• If your vehicle has multiple flats or you have no spare tire, we can deliver a spare tire onsite, or even make minor tire repairs onsite. If none of those options will work for you, then you require a tow rather than roadside assistance. Tow starts at $180. 

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