Tire Change and Tire Delivery
In the Seattle Metropolitan Area

No Spare? No Problem!

Roadside Angel is here to help! We are a lightning-quick roadside assistance company, providing 24-hour service, rain or shine, to the Seattle Metropolitan area. We are also the ONLY company in the area providing the much-need service of tire delivery.

We change tires on everything: cars, trucks, trailers, RVs, semi trucks, and more. We can help you anywhere – on the side of the freeway, from the comfort of your home, or even in hard-to-reach car garages. We can handle all of your needs, including flat tires, low pressure, punctures, repairs, blowout tires, lug nut extraction, and lost lug nut keys.

If you need service NOW, fill out the form below and one of our technicians will contact you within 5 minutes!

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Important Information

• Once we receive your service request, we will provide an estimate.
• You need to be available with your vehicle when the service provider arrives, or else we will be unable render service.
• If your vehicle has multiple flats or you have no spare tire, we can deliver a spare tire onsite, or even make minor tire repairs onsite. If none of those options will work for you, then you require a tow rather than roadside assistance. Tow starts at $180. 


Tire change (customer has spare): Starting at $85
Tire repair (includes the price of tire change): Starting at $125
Tire inflation service : $35
$3 per mile
$50 additional fee for service between the hours of 8pm and 12am
$100 additional fee for service between the hours of 12am and 8am

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